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About Artichoke

 An ancient herbal treatment used to promote a healthy liver, efficient digestive system and healthy cholesterol levels. The extract contains the active ingredient, luteolin, and the antioxidants caffeic acid, cynarin and cholorgenic acid.

 These all act to protect liver cells from damage and, at the same time, stimulate the production of bile acid into the digestive tract. This breaks down fats and has an effect on lowering high cholesterol levels and triglycerides.


 NOTE: Cynarin is the close botanical cousin of the herb milk thistle (which is well-known for its positive effects on the liver, but has now been re-classified as “medicinal”). Studies have shown that cynarin can actually reduce elevated triglycerides, lower total serum levels and at the same time increase beneficial HDL levels. It therefore offers ideal support for the prevention of heart disease, while simultaneously cleansing liver cells.

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